Introduction to Gatsby’s Zodiac Days

Nestled in the heart of the Las Vegas strip, Gatsby’s Cocktail Lounge is renowned for its devine ambiance, top-tier mixology, and now, a celebration of the cosmos: Zodiac Days. On the first Thursday of each Zodiac sign’s date range, Gatsby’s rolls out the celestial carpet for those celebrating their birthdays under the current sign, offering an evening where the stars align in their honor.

What Are Zodiac Days?

Zodiac Days at Gatsby’s is not just an event; it’s a monthly celestial festivity designed to honor the uniqueness of each zodiac sign. As the moon waxes and wanes, so does Gatsby’s agenda, with each month dedicated to the individuals born under the reigning sign. It’s a night where astrology, cocktails, and camaraderie merge to create an unforgettable experience.

Event Highlights

At the heart of Zodiac Days are the personalized touches that make each celebrant feel special. Upon arrival, guests are greeted with a bespoke cocktail that encapsulates the essence of the zodiac season. But the star of the evening is undoubtedly the custom zodiac necklace, a keepsake that twinkles with the same vibrancy as the individuals wearing them.

Why Zodiac Days?

The inception of Zodiac Days was inspired by a desire to blend the mystique of astrology with the art of celebration. Gatsby’s recognized the potential to create a unique event that not only entertains but also resonates on a personal level with its patrons, making each zodiac cycle a reason to celebrate individuality and cosmic fate.

The Zodiac Experience at Gatsby’s

From the moment you step into Gatsby’s during Zodiac Days, you’re enveloped in an atmosphere that’s been carefully curated to reflect the traits and qualities of the current zodiac sign. The welcome cocktail, a concoction of flavors as complex and nuanced as the zodiac personalities, serves as the perfect icebreaker to the evening’s festivities.

Custom Zodiac Necklaces

The highlight for many are the custom zodiac necklaces. Crafted with care, these pieces are not just jewelry; they’re talismans that carry the essence of one’s astrological sign, serving as a memento of a night where the universe seemed to revolve around them.

Celebrating Individual Zodiac Signs

Each month, Gatsby transforms to honor the zodiac sign in the spotlight. From Aries’ fiery energy to Pisces’ flowing serenity, the lounge adapts its decor, music, and even the menu to reflect the sign’s unique characteristics, making every celebration distinct and memorable.

Planning Your Visit

Mark your calendars! Zodiac Days are held on the first Thursday of each sign’s date range. Whether you’re an adventurous Sagittarius or a grounded Taurus, there’s a night dedicated just to you. Reservations are recommended to ensure your spot under Gatsby’s starlit ceiling.

The Atmosphere at Gatsby’s

Gatsby’s is known for its lavish decor and sophisticated vibe, but during Zodiac Days, the ambiance is elevated to match the celestial theme. Each event is an immersive experience, with decorations and entertainment tailored to the zodiac sign being celebrated, ensuring an atmosphere that’s both magical and intimate.

Why Gatsby’s Loves Celebrating You

At the core of Zodiac Days is Gatsby’s belief in the beauty of individuality and the importance of celebrating life’s milestones. These events are a testament to the lounge’s commitment to creating spaces where everyone can feel valued and connected, under the vast canopy of the night sky.


Zodiac Days at Gatsby’s Cocktail Lounge is more than just a party; it’s a monthly homage to the stars and those born under them. With its bespoke cocktails, custom zodiac necklaces, and an atmosphere charged with cosmic energy, Gatsby’s invites you to celebrate your sign in style. Whether you’re a loyal Leo or a gentle Gemini, your night at Gatsby’s will be written in the stars.


    Do I need to book in advance for Zodiac Days?

    Yes, reservations are recommended to ensure your place at this celestial celebration.

    Can I bring friends who aren’t celebrating their zodiac month?

    Absolutely! Gatsby’s welcomes all patrons to join in the festivities, regardless of their zodiac sign.

    Is there a dress code for Zodiac Days?

    While there’s no strict dress code, guests are encouraged to dress in a way that reflects their personal style and the elegance of Gatsby’s.

    Are the zodiac necklaces available for purchase?

    The necklaces are exclusive gifts for those celebrating their zodiac month, adding a special touch to the evening.

    What if I miss my Zodiac Day?

    Not to worry! Gatsby’s offers a myriad of events and experiences year-round, ensuring there’s always something to look forward to.