Gatsby’s Cocktail Lounge: The NFR Destination with a Twist of Elegance

A Celebration of the National Finals Rodeo

As the National Finals Rodeo (NFR) takes center stage from December 7 through December 17, Gatsby’s Cocktail Lounge at Resorts World Las Vegas emerges as an exquisite venue for rodeo enthusiasts to gather, celebrate, and enjoy. This year, Gatsby’s adds a unique touch to the NFR festivities with a specialized cocktail menu designed to honor the spirit of the rodeo.

Introducing “Cowboy Cocktails”

Embracing the essence of the NFR, Gatsby’s has meticulously crafted the “Cowboy Cocktails” menu, a collection of drinks that pays homage to the rugged charm of the rodeo while maintaining the lounge’s signature sophistication. This exclusive menu features two standout offerings: Crown Royal Your Way for $10, and the classic Bulleit Bourbon Old Fashioneds.

Crown Royal Your Way – A Royal Rodeo Treat

Crown Royal, a name synonymous with quality and tradition in the whiskey world, takes center stage in Gatsby’s NFR celebration. Guests can enjoy Crown Royal their way for just $10, a tribute not only to the timeless whiskey but also to the individuality of each rodeo fan. Whether neat, on the rocks, or as part of a classic whiskey cocktail, Crown Royal at Gatsby’s promises a premium experience.

Bulleit Bourbon Old Fashioneds – A Classic Reimagined

No rodeo celebration would be complete without a nod to one of the most iconic whiskey cocktails – the Old Fashioned. Gatsby’s adds its twist to this classic by featuring Bulleit Bourbon, known for its bold, spicy character that harmoniously blends with the traditional ingredients of the Old Fashioned. This cocktail is a perfect blend of classic taste and modern flair, embodying the spirit of the NFR.

The Gatsby’s Experience During NFR

Gatsby’s Cocktail Lounge isn’t just about exceptional drinks; it’s an experience. During the NFR, the lounge transforms to reflect the excitement and energy of the rodeo. The luxurious 1920s-themed decor of Gatsby’s provides a contrasting backdrop to the rugged and raw energy of the NFR, creating an atmosphere that is both intriguing and welcoming for rodeo fans and newcomers alike.

Why Gatsby’s is the Go-To Spot for NFR Fans

Located in the heart of Las Vegas, Gatsby’s offers the perfect retreat after a day at the rodeo. Its central location, combined with an ambiance that exudes class and comfort, makes it an ideal spot for guests looking to unwind, discuss the day’s events, or simply enjoy a night out in one of Las Vegas’s most stylish venues.


As the NFR captivates Las Vegas, Gatsby’s Cocktail Lounge stands out as a must-visit destination. With its unique “Cowboy Cocktails” menu featuring Crown Royal and Bulleit Bourbon Old Fashioneds, Gatsby’s offers a sophisticated twist to the traditional rodeo experience.


  1. What special events does Gatsby’s have for the NFR? Gatsby’s features the “Cowboy Cocktails” menu, specially curated for the NFR, with standout drinks like Crown Royal Your Way and Bulleit Bourbon Old Fashioneds.
  2. Can I customize my Crown Royal cocktail at Gatsby’s? Absolutely, “Crown Royal Your Way” allows guests to enjoy Crown Royal in their preferred style, whether neat, on the rocks, or mixed in a cocktail.
  3. What makes Bulleit Bourbon Old Fashioneds special at Gatsby’s? Gatsby’s uses Bulleit Bourbon, known for its bold flavor, to create a unique and sophisticated version of the classic Old Fashioned.
  4. Is Gatsby’s suitable for non-rodeo fans during the NFR? Yes, Gatsby’s welcoming and luxurious atmosphere makes it a fantastic spot for everyone to enjoy, regardless of their interest in the rodeo.
  5. How can I reserve a table at Gatsby’s during the NFR? Reservations can be made through Gatsby’s Cocktail Lounge’s website or by contacting the lounge directly.

Experience the excitement of the NFR with a touch of elegance at Gatsby’s Cocktail Lounge, where the spirit of the rodeo meets the sophistication of the 1920s.

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