Gatsby’s Cocktail Lounge: The Ultimate Post-Game Destination During PAC 12 Basketball Championship Week

The Excitement of PAC 12 Basketball

The PAC 12 Basketball Championship is a time of high energy and intense competition, bringing together basketball enthusiasts from all walks of life. As thrilling as the games are, finding the perfect spot to relax and relive the day’s highlights is essential. Gatsby’s Cocktail Lounge at Resorts World Las Vegas offers an unmatched atmosphere for fans and visitors to unwind after the excitement of the day’s matches.

Unbeatable Music and DJ Performances

One of the key highlights of Gatsby’s is its vibrant music scene. After a day filled with the adrenaline of PAC 12 basketball, what better way to unwind than with the beats of some of Las Vegas’s top DJs? Gatsby’s features a diverse lineup of musical talent, ensuring that every night is unique. Whether you’re into upbeat, energetic tunes to celebrate a win or soothing rhythms to relax, the music at Gatsby’s caters to every mood.

Signature Cocktails and Premium Bottle Service

No post-game celebration is complete without a toast, and Gatsby’s Cocktail Lounge excels in this area. The lounge boasts an impressive menu of handcrafted cocktails, each made with premium ingredients and presented with artistic flair. For those looking for a more exclusive experience, Gatsby’s also offers premium bottle service. This service allows guests to enjoy their favorite spirits, champagnes, and wines in a more personal and luxurious setting, perfect for groups celebrating their team’s performance in the PAC 12 Championship.

A Sophisticated Atmosphere for Every Fan

Gatsby’s is not just a place for drinks and music; it’s a venue that embodies sophistication and comfort. Its luxurious decor, inspired by the opulence of the 1920s, provides the perfect backdrop to discuss game strategies, celebrate victories, or simply enjoy the company of fellow basketball fans. The lounge’s ambiance is conducive to both lively celebrations and intimate conversations, making it a versatile choice for any post-game scenario.

Conveniently Located for PAC 12 Fans

Located in the heart of Las Vegas, Gatsby’s is conveniently situated for those attending the PAC 12 Basketball Championship. Its proximity to major sports venues means that fans can easily transition from the exhilaration of the game to the relaxing and indulgent atmosphere of the lounge.


For fans of PAC 12 basketball, Gatsby’s Cocktail Lounge offers the perfect blend of music, drinks, and luxury to cap off an exciting day of sports. Whether you’re looking to celebrate a win, discuss the day’s games, or simply relax in a sophisticated setting, Gatsby’s is the go-to destination during Championship week.


  1. Is Gatsby’s Cocktail Lounge a good place to watch PAC 12 games? While Gatsby’s is more of a post-game destination, its vibrant atmosphere makes it a great spot to discuss the day’s games.
  2. What kind of music can I expect at Gatsby’s? Gatsby’s features a variety of music, mainly played by top DJs, ranging from high-energy beats to more relaxed tunes.
  3. Does Gatsby’s offer bottle service? Yes, Gatsby’s offers premium bottle service, providing a luxurious and exclusive experience for guests.
  4. Are there any special events at Gatsby’s during the PAC 12 Championship? Gatsby’s often hosts special events and themed nights, especially during major sporting events like the PAC 12 Championship.
  5. How can I reserve a spot at Gatsby’s? Reservations can be made through Gatsby’s Cocktail Lounge’s website or by contacting them directly.

Remember, after the thrills of the PAC 12 Basketball games, Gatsby’s Cocktail Lounge awaits to offer you the ultimate relaxation and celebration experience.

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